Craig Jupp as Larry Mullen Jnr (Drums/ Sequencing)

craig bio

> Name: Craig Jupp

> DOB: 26th March 1976

> Equipment: Pearl Masters Kit, Brady Sheok Block Snare, Zildigin & Paiste cymbals.

> Influences: Larry Mullen Jnr, Neil Peart

> Favourite bands: U2, Crowded House, Rush

> Favourite U2 song: Where the streets have no name

> Favourite gig to date: U2 after parties at PJs

> Worst gig to date: St Pat’s Day 2007 because of Feed back problems

> Favourite U2 experience: Having lunch with Larry Mullen’s father on 3 occasions in his Dublin home

> Worst U2 experience: Having Larry drive past me outside his house in Dublin and not saying hello to him.