David Attard as Adam Clayton (Bass Guitar)


> Name: Dave

> DOB: January 1977

> Equipment: Fender jazz bass, Epiphone rivoli bass, Ibanez blazer bass, Ampeg and Trace Elliot amp, Behringer ultra tremolo peddle, Adam Clayton costumes

> Length of time playing: 16 years

> Influences: Adam Clayton, Duff McKagan, Lenny Kravitz

> Favourite bands: U2, The Doors, Lenny Kravitz, Dire Straits, G’N'R, The Wallflowers, Jeff Buckley,

> Favourite U2 song: Heartland

> Favourite gigs to date: U2 fan after parties, Oaks Day (Melbourne Cup Carnival)

> Favourite U2 Experience:
Seeing U2 live on the Popmart and Vertigo tours and then performing at the official U2 fan after parties on their Vertigo tour in Melbourne after both concerts!