Michael Cavallaro as Bono (Vocals/ Guitar/ Harmonica)


> Name: That I think we already know

> DOB: 22nd August 1975

> Equipment: Shure SM 58 microphone, Gibson ES 175 semi acoustic guitar, various harmonicas, Emporio Armani sunglasses and Bono costumes!

> Length of time singing: 10 years

> Influences: Bono, Jim Morrison, Michael Hutchence, Chris Isaak

> Favourite bands: U2 (of course), The Doors, Del Amitri, Chris Isaak, INXS and many many more…

> Favourite U2 song: How much time do you have???

> Favourite gig to date: U2 after parties at PJs, definitely Oaks Day at Flemington Racecourse. Tasmania was great too, lots of laughs, In fact I’m still laughing now!

> Worst gig to date: Probably one of the times my fly split while on stage

> Favourite U2 experience: Definitely the Zoomerang tour of ’93 at the MCG and the Vertigo tour of ’06

> Worst U2 experience: Finding out what hotel U2 were staying at on the Vertigo tour and missing out on meeting Bono by 2 minutes