Peter Kalamaras as The Edge (Guitars/ Vocals/ Keyboards)


> Name: Peter Kalamaras

> DOB: 27th March 1973

> Equipment: Vox AC30, array of pedals and effect units,Fender strat,les paul

> Influences: The Edge, Sting, Bernard fanning,

> Favourite bands: U2, K.C. And the Sunshine band, Crowded House, Queen

> Favourite U2 song: to play, Please and to listern to , Seconds at the moment

> Favourite gig to date: U2 after parties at PJs,

> Worst gig to date: Probably St Patricks Day, 2007. Had problems with my amp
and nearly put my guitar through it lol

> Favourite U2 experience: Popmart concert! Edges sound

> Worst U2 experience: Finding out that the Vertigo concert was cancelled.