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BBAM testimonial

“As organiser of South East Asia’s largest beer festival and the biggest annual
party in Singapore, I can recommend that The U2 Show (Melbourne, Australia) are an
excellent band to have onboard. A great investment for any festival or party.”

- Matt Bennett

 ”…this is just a quickie to remind you all how fabulous you are and what a great
show you put on. As one of our guests put it, ”ripper !!”.”

- Eileen Stow
(BBAM British Business Association of Macau)

“Since Bono and the boys hit the big time all the way back in the 1980′s
it has been unlikely that they will ever play the local pub ever again.
Maybe that’s why Achtung Baby, a fantastic Melbourne U2 tribute band, are doing so well.
This friday they play a plethora of pop-rock classics…”

- The Herald Sun

“We have had alot of positive feedback on all accounts so far.
We found you all to have a great boundless energy and stage presence.
Tony Boon did an excellent job also of the mixing & lighting it was awesome!!
It was so nice to meet you all and work with you as you were all such a nice bunch of guys as well,
very professional. Brenda & I have paid big money to see big name acts that we found
not living up to the standard of your show. What a great value gig all those you experienced it had a ball.
Thanks again.”

- Beechworth Celtic Festival

“What a great night out in Launceston, Irish Murphy’s filled with people eager to catch you guys.
A great performance you delivered. Sorry U2 but the way that Sometimes you can’t make it on your own was played by Achtung Baby is just awesome. You certainly entertained the crowd.
Come back soon please.”

- Geoff Lynch

“Look out – Bono has left the building! The voice, the music, the quality of the performance was amazing. “Wow! What a brilliant band. We have had nothing but positive feedback from our patrons
and would love to get them back for another gig.

The guys were easy to deal with, heaps of fun on the night and appreciation goes to them for helping us raise funds for new sporting facilities. Their interaction with the crowd was like no other and
I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys.

- Stoney’s Club

“Somebody once said that imitation was the sincerest form of flattery. This is definitely the case for The Quiet Man’s own mega U2 fan, Steve. Despite a strong directive from Quiet Man manager Troon Jack, that under no circumstances should Steve be allowed anywhere near a stage or microphone ever, Steve took his Bono worship to another level on Friday 12th November, when new U2 tribute band ‘Achtung Baby’ made their debut at The Quiet Man.

Steve who has seen U2 live a staggering 29 times in such exotic locations as Paris, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin and Slane Castle, didn’t take much persuation to join ‘Achtung Baby’ on stage for an impromptu rendition of ‘Pride (In The Name Of Love)’. It didn’t end there, as Steve then found time for an encore of ‘All I Want Is You’.

Regulars at The Quiet Man have no doubt been subjected to Steve’s now infamous “Bono impressions” with alarming regularity, but for Steve this was a special occasion, as the fact the band bore more than a passing resemblance to the real U2 and were dressed in U2 stage attire, allowed Steve to live out the fantasy that he was on stage with his idols themselves. For a man, who legend has it, upon meeting his idol in the flesh many years ago, unashamedly pronounced that “I model myself on you” before begging for an autograph, and as someone who has been known to hang around outside concert venues for hours before and after concerts for a glimpse of his idols, this sort of behavior is the norm.

Steve has apparently already started putting pennies aside for the new U2 tour next year and with U2 rumoured to be coming to Australia next summer, Steve hasn’t given up on the idea of getting on stage with the real deal.

In the interim, however, ‘Achtung Baby’ will be back at The Quiet Man on Friday 10th December and Quiet Man manager Troon Jack is faced with the difficult decision of barring Steve from the pub for a single night or splashing out ear plugs to avoid being subjected to Steve’s vocal onslaught. For his part, rumour has it that Steve was last seen in front of a mirror singing into a hair brush and ‘practising’ a couple of new tracks, when he can drag himself away from listening to their new CD.

Heaven help us all!”

- The Quiet Man Irish Pub


Some Feedback from U2 Fans:

You guys were absolutely awesome at crown oaks day 2012. Just like ‘the real thing’.
I’m a huge u2 fan and you guys were exceptional.
Thanks for letting me sing with you, best part of my day!

……. Emmalene …….
In a bid to fill that U2 show-shaped hole, I recently went and saw my
first ever performance by a U2 cover band. And they rocked! My friends think
it is pretty strange that a crazy U2 fan like me has never gone to see a covers
band, but I guess I just felt like nothing would ever come close to the U2 live
experience and that the whole thing would be a waste of time and effort. But a
few weeks ago I decided to give it a whirl and headed off to a less than salubrious
venue in the ‘burbs to see a foursome called “Achtung Baby.”

I have to tell you I went in to the show with pretty low expectations. For
starters, the gig was free and the venue was hardly the Sommerville Theatre!
I was kind of expecting the show to be the musical equivalent of someone
dragging their fingernails down a blackboard aka four wannabe rock stars
fumbling their way through some of my all-time favourite songs. But I got
the complete opposite; these guys really had the music and the show down
pat. They even did a fantastic job playing “Get On Your Boots,” which we
all thought was going to be unplayable by just about everyone, including
the band themselves. And just in case you think I’m laying it on a bit too
thick, my aforementioned U2-tolerating husband (who only listens to cool new
music … ahem, whatever!) actually thought they were even better than the real
thing — and even went and downloaded some of their covers from their website.
So to all the doubters out there — and hey, I was your club president until recently
– go and check out your local U2 cover band. At the very least you’ll get to
sing along with all the tunes and maybe get a go at having a bit of a sing-song
with the band yourself

.….. Miranda Greer – …..

Hi guys, your Hobart gig was fantastic again. Love the passion you all
have for U2 and you really are even better than the real thing!

……. Robyn ……….

Well, you’re definately sounding better and better. Every now and then I
just sit and listen instead of sing (scream) along, and am blown away at the
strong sound you guys are delivering.
Thanks for entertaining and putting a smile on my face, and THANK YOU for
Party Girl friday nite at PJ’s!!!!

Keep up the great (and hard) work, boys, it’s definately paying off.

….. Corinne …..

Thank-you Achtung Baby for a show that totally ROCKED Adelaide’s
Highlander.. At times, I would close my eyes and thought that if I opened
them, I’d see U2 standing right in front of me.. Their likeness blew me
away. Was sooo good to see such highly skilled musicians with awesome stage
presence. They certainly blitzed it with paying tribute to the best rock
band in the world.. I’m sure they’d be proud! Thanks for a Beautiful Day!!

……… Lee-Anne Ellis ……….

Hi guys,

My name is Rachel. I am a MASSIVE U2 fan. I saw your show a few months
back and it was awesome!! I had never\\ seen U2 songs performed live before
and it was cool seeing them played so close. ‘Streets’ was absolutely amazing.
Out of Control and New Years Day were great also. But what was really great
was the ‘Am I bugging you?’ speech in Silver and Gold, electrifying! Anyway,
thanks for putting on such a great tribute to U2.

……….. Regards from a U2 fan ………..


“We watch U2 on dvd but if when we want to see them live,
we’ll come and see Achtung Baby because the resemblance of Achtung Baby’s performance
is just like the REAL THING.
Thanks for a great night”

………….. Peter and Doulla …………


“Hey guys!
just wanted to say you guys were awesome last night!”



“Wow – I’ve just seen your last 2 gigs at the Quiet Man in Flemington
- the place was jumping & everyone was covered in sweat.
Man you guys always play to packed venues, you rock !”

……………… Ric …………….


“u guys rocked hard, luved it. vertigo was the best!
can’t wait til u do it all again. hey and the staff were all really nice too. cheers”

…………. Candy ………….


“Great Night boys, all the girls were over the moon with your performance,
you looked like you had a great time too, waiting eagerly for your next gig.”

……………. Stef ……………


“I’d just like to say Achtung Baby were awesome
and I hope to see them at Mr Pockets again soon, 10 out of 10. U guys rock!”

……………. Chantel …………..


Looking forward to Achtung Baby this Sat 08/10.
Seen these guys many times around Melbourne and they really do justice to U2′S Music.
Wait until you cop a load of the guitarists sounds!!!
They are as close to “The Edge” as you will ever see.
Singer has a fantastic voice and together with a great rythym section,
this is a show not to be missed!!! Be there!

……………  Aaron ……………


“Dear Band Members,
What an unbelievable show yet again on
Saturday night. I thought your performance at Ferntree Gully was
brilliant, but Saturday at the Quiet Man well and truly surpassed it.

Just thought I’d send an email of appreciation and admiration.
I thoroughly enjoyed your performance on Saturday night at Ferntree Gully.
I can safely say that I haven’t had a night out like that for a long time.
Your performance was flawless and inspiring.
I hope to see you guys perform as often as possible in the coming months.”
Thank you, I had an awesome night. Cheers Brett”

…………. Brett Hyland …………


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