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About The U2 Show: Achtung Baby


Formed in 2002, and since playing all over Australia and the Asia Pacific region, The U2 Show: Achtung Baby experience is made possible by four dedicated musicians:


Michael Cavallaro as Bono (Vocals/ Guitar/ Harmonica)

> Name: That I think we already know > DOB: 22nd August 1975 > Equipment: Shure SM 58 microphone, Gibson ES 175 semi acoustic guitar, various harmonicas, Emporio Armani sunglasses and Bono costumes! > Length of time singing: 10 years > Influences: Bono, Jim Morrison, Michael Hutchence, Chris Isaak > Favourite bands: U2 (of course), [...]

Peter Kalamaras as The Edge (Guitars/ Vocals/ Keyboards)

> Name: Peter Kalamaras > DOB: 27th March 1973 > Equipment: Vox AC30, array of pedals and effect units,Fender strat,les paul gibson > Influences: The Edge, Sting, Bernard fanning, > Favourite bands: U2, K.C. And the Sunshine band, Crowded House, Queen > Favourite U2 song: to play, Please and to listern to , Seconds at [...]

David Attard as Adam Clayton (Bass Guitar)

> Name: Dave > DOB: January 1977 > Equipment: Fender jazz bass, Epiphone rivoli bass, Ibanez blazer bass, Ampeg and Trace Elliot amp, Behringer ultra tremolo peddle, Adam Clayton costumes > Length of time playing: 16 years > Influences: Adam Clayton, Duff McKagan, Lenny Kravitz > Favourite bands: U2, The Doors, Lenny Kravitz, Dire Straits, [...]

Craig Jupp as Larry Mullen Jnr (Drums/ Sequencing)

> Name: Craig Jupp > DOB: 26th March 1976 > Equipment: Pearl Masters Kit, Brady Sheok Block Snare, Zildigin & Paiste cymbals. > Influences: Larry Mullen Jnr, Neil Peart > Favourite bands: U2, Crowded House, Rush > Favourite U2 song: Where the streets have no name > Favourite gig to date: U2 after parties at PJs > Worst gig to [...]

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