• The U2 Show: Achtung Baby!


    From Australia to Singapore, Macao, New Zealand and the South Pacific, The U2 Show- Achtung Baby are regarded as one of the best U2 tribute acts in the Southern Hemisphere. The four-piece band – who not only talk the talk and walk the walk, but also sing the songs – bring their high intensity celebration of Ireland’s greatest rock stars to all events, whether it be festivals, corporate functions, clubs etc.

  • Australia’s Premiere U2 Tribute Show


    The U2 Show – Achtung Baby is a two-hour riot of melody, rhythm, costumes and lights, as the band traverse the hit-studded history of Bono and the lads. The concert covers U2’s early work from their debut album Boy (1980), right through to songs from the most recent album, 2014’s Songs Of Innocence. The Sweetest Thing, Lemon, New Year’s Day, One – if U2 had a hit with it, The U2 Show – Achtung Baby will play it! This is a full choreographed performance incorporating costume changes and visual effects as seen in actual U2 concerts!

  • A Talented Four Piece Lineup


    The U2 Show – Achtung Baby are led by a vocalist whose talent and charisma rivals Bono himself. Michael Cavallaro possesses an extraordinary voice and undeniable stage presence. Dressed in any of the several Bono-esque costumes he wears during the show, eyes masked by Emporio Armani sunglasses, and with a strut that bows to no man, he fully embodies the look, sound and spirit of the Irish rock icon. Michael is backed by the stunning talents of guitarist Peter Kalamaras (The Edge), bassist David Attard (Adam Clayton) and drummer Craig Jupp (Larry Mullen Jnr). Taken together, the look, sound and energy of The U2 Show – Achtung Baby creates the unmistakable magic of U2.

  • All the Excitement of a Live U2 Performance!


    U2 is one of the greatest bands of all time. For nearly a decade in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, U2 have released 13 studio albums, clocked up more than 150 million album sales, and have won no fewer than 22 Grammy Awards – more than any other band in history. 

    The U2  Show: Achtung Baby! had its inspiration in the album, Achtung Baby. It began when Peter Kalamaras called together fellow musicians to pay respect to this legendary band, as to provide the same excitement that U2 are able create around the world – at your local venue.

    This idea turned out to be a remarkably good one, and The U2 Show: Achtung Baby! has been playing ever since to very enthusiastic crowds, both in Australia and internationally.


  • The U2 Show Achtung Baby
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